Age: 37
weight: 115 pounds
Height: 5ft 3"
Favourite Bodypart: Legs


How to Get in Shape after 30 years old!

When I turned 30 I decided to take control over my lifestyle and make some drastic changes... for the better. In doing so I began working out, lost 60 pounds and have been hooked ever since. I have always been physically competitive and active. It has become my goal and dream now to whip my ass into serious shape and have it land on stage. I would love to start by figure competing and its time to make it happen! Many times I am almost there and then drama begins in my life and I lose focus. Well times have changed, my days are all for me and my dream.







My Training for women over 30

6 Days per week:

Monday: Chest and Hamstrings
Tuesday: Shoulders and Abs
Wednesday: Biceps and Triceps
Thursday: Back and Abs
Friday: Legs
Saturday: Abs and Cardio
Sunday: Rest Day

My Favourite exercises for Abs are Hanging Leg Raises, Knee-ins, Swiss Ball Crunches and Janda Sit ups

I train abs three times per week, however, the most important aspect in keeping those abs lean is cardio and diet. Forgrt
doing lots of ab workouts if you have body fat higher than 15%, they will not show through. You're much better investing your workout time into do cardio (fat burning exercise). My favourite is the treadmill for 30 minutes immediately following my weights workouts four times weekly.

Diet for female over 30

Diet is the absolute key to keeping lean ansd having a nice flat, toned stomach...period. My diet is predominantly high protein, moderate to lwo carb and low fat, but with plenty of un-saturated fat from fish and nuts!

My favourite protein sources are chicken and turkey (with a little cranberry), white fish and salmon one per week, egg whites and whey protein shakes, plus the occasional bar.

My carbs come from quality sources like baked potatoes, brown rice, green veggies, wholegrains, salad etc.

And as mentioned above, un-saturated fats come from nuts (almonds) and fish.

Here's a look at a typical days diet intake:

Meal 1:
60g oats
5 egg whites or protein shakes with 1.5 scoops of powder
1 tbsp flaxseed

Meal 2:
Tuna on wholewheat, 125g of tuna
1 apple

Meal 3:
100g turkey meatloaf
150g sweet potato
1 tbsp Udo's oil

Meal 4:
120g salmon
Large serving of green veggies

Meal 5:
6 egg whites made into scrambled eggs
1 cup veggies or few rice cakes

Hope this gives you a valuable insight into my training and diet. Keep working hard towards your goals ladies and remember, cardio and diet will get you a great midsection!

Train Hard






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