I stumbled across this website and everything changed!


So soon as arriving back to Seattle, Wa I read every article I could get my hands on over a period of a year, on how to lean out, strip body fat and get a six pack. It was surprising to see so much conflicting information on the web, that it got very confusing, until I found this website, where all the fundamentals for achieving great abs where finally uncovered. After digesting much of the information on the site, I have now prepared a training plan, an eating regime and given myself a target of 12 weeks to achieve it.

Unfortunately over the past 12 months although I have read and been gaining all sorts of knowledge on how to get a six pack I have neglected my body and not been to the gym, my weight has dropped by about 15 Lbs, most of this is muscle loss along with some fat loss, although I have not worked out and been eating less, my body is actually in its worst shape ever, just goes to show what the gym can do to help.

I was Ready to take the 12 Week challenge


Now I was told by many Training instructors that 12 weeks is to soon, and that 12 months is more realistic, yes it is, but what I wanted to show everyone is that a 6 pack really can be achieved in 12 weeks with hard work, dedication, motivation and a mind that is in control.

There are a number of guru's I have read up on web sites, kept a constant eye on, read books and magazines, all these people have all given me the desire, the inspiration and made what I would like to achieve a possibility and also in a short space of time, its fine reading up that someone has done this in 6 weeks, but seeing it is believing it, for this reason I will share with you all my progress over 12 weeks and show you that it is possible, you can do this and in time for the spring too, I am now at a ‘chubby’ stage at the statistics shown above, for 12 months now I have been reading and gaining knowledge on nutrition and exercise with Sixpacknow.com, over these past 12 months I have lost many pounds, lost my shape and lots of muscle, but it's not the end of the world, any weight or shape is a good starting point.


It All Begins...I Have Fire in My Belly


My body currently has no six pack let alone a two pack, what I will show you and share with you over the next three months is my full training schedule and eating regime, what I plan to do is to drop the body fat, keep the current muscle, build new extra muscle to get the ideal shape and real abs.



Knowing What To Eat Was Going To Be My Biggest Problem


There's a saying that the site uses, ‘abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym’, this means that its down to what you eat, the majority of achieving a decent six pack is due to the food intake and I knew that this was an area where I desperately needed help, thankfully SixPackNow.com provide a fully Customized Diet Plan, which details everything!

Now my starting weight will not put me in the obese category, I am the average person who had in the past been to the gym and now has experience in training through reading and being taught by instructors in the past, but what this feature will show you all is that the average person can get a six pack and not necessarily have to kill themselves in the process.

It is very important to prepare yourself self prior to the start of the training and eating regime, I will do this two weeks prior to the start date that I set myself.

I have not trained or performed any cardio for about 12 months, I know I am physically unfit and my muscles will be weak but this will not be a problem so long as a gradual start to cardio is approached and healthy nutritional food is consumed daily.


My Completed Transformation Video

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