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Tina Todd
Resides: Schnecksville, PA, United States
Age: 35
Height: 5 ft. 4 ½”
Weight: 120-124 (off-season), 114 (competition)
Favorite body part: Legs and Abs
Profession: Interior Design, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant

Tell us a little about you?
Fitness has always been a natural part of my life. Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA along the rivers provided a great environment for swimming and slalom water skiing to be a big part of my life. In addition I was active in Judo and briefly in gymnastics. Although I participated in weight training intermittently for the past 10 years, it wasn’t until just over two years ago that I met a personal trainer who was involved in training and competing in Figure. We worked out for several months when she stated that I should compete, and I ended up placing 4th in my first show. Since then, I have placed as high as 8th at the National 2007 North American in Master’s. My goal is to continue to train harder in hopes of making it to the Professional IFBB level in the near future.

What workout plan works best for you?
A solid combination of weight training and cardio I feel not only provides me the physical conditioning, but assist in keeping excess pounds from accumulating during the “off” season. I find it’s much easier to prepare for shows by staying within 10 pounds of contest weight throughout the year, and further it is easier mentally and physically on the body to keep a clean diet.


What kind of weight training routine do you follow?
My weight training routine consists of splitting the legs into a two day workout, concentrating on the hamstrings and quads separately. The reason for this is that my legs are the hardest body part to respond to the stimuli and actually make grow. All the other body parts I hit once per week and have two off days, which permits the muscles to heal properly prior to breaking down again. Of course I train abs practically every other day to keep the mid section toned. My typical routine resembles the following:

Day 1: Legs (hamstrings)
Day 2: Chest, Triceps
Day 3: Back, Biceps
Day 4: Off
Day 5: Legs (quads)
Day 6: Shoulders
Day 7: Off

I suggest 3 to 4 different exercises per body part, trying to keep things different and interesting each time, and 8-12 reps depending on the exercise. I believe in super-setting exercises every few workouts in order to break down the deep muscle fibers more thus creating greater gains.

What Nutrition Plan works best for you?
Diet is one of the key ingredients in attaining the body you desire and achieving results. First it’s important to eat every 3 hours, which is necessary in order to keep your metabolism in check. Hint - prepare meals in advance to avoid the temptation to “snack” or eat unhealthy and always have a cooler or a proper meal replacement (protein bar) available. The diet I utilize consist of approximately 2100 calories on season, and about 2500 calories during the off season. The break down is about - 200 grams of protein and carbohydrates and limited fat (less than 40 grams). Supplements include; vitamins, minerals, fat burners, amino acids, COQ10 and flax seed oil.

My Diet and Nutrition Intake
As mentioned my total calorie intake varies slightly between on and off season, however my typical meal planning resembles the following;

Meal 1:
Protein Shake w/flax

Meal 2:
½ cup oatmeal w/wheat bran

Meal 3:
1-½ cup green beans

Meal 4:
Chicken, turkey, or red meat
3 oz yam

Meal 5:
1-½ cup green beans
3 oz yam

Meal 6:
Protein Shake

Meal 7:
Protein Shake w/flax
Peanut butter

Water 1 gallon to 1-1/2 gallons consumed throughout the day.

Would you like a Diet & Workout Plan customized to your goals? We can set up a plan in just 48 hours. More info here

Very clean and boring!! However in order to maintain the body I desire these are the sacrifices… Further although I’m not a big fan of cheat meals, satisfying the cravings once a week is permissible.

What’s the best way to achieve those “SixPackNow” abs?
My opinion is to maintain a clean diet as shown above and to train abs on a regular basis. For my ab training I do hanging leg ups to target the lower abs, followed by weighted ball crunches to hit the mid’s and uppers. 6” leg raises and leg scissors also work and strengthen the mid-section. The main thing is don’t give up. Remember, all the working out in the world will not supplement for a clean diet in order to get those abs to show…

Top Five Tips for Staying in Condition:
1) Diet - learn to eat small healthy portions regularly throughout the day and drink lots of water.
2) Patience – stick to a training program and make it habitual. Often people loose interest or don’t see results, simply because they don’t give the body time to respond. Training is a long term commitment.
3) Utilize both cardio and weight training to achieve the results you desire and mix it up to keep it interesting. Use the treadmill one day, then the stepper the next. Try the elliptical and other cardio equipment or go outside for a brisk walk/run instead if the weather permits, 20-40 minutes 3 times per week… Cardio is the necessary evil, keep it fun…
4) Avoid becoming a “talker” in the gym. There’s a difference between asking someone for advice and socializing. Socialize after your workout, in order to get the most out of your time. The weight training should easily be completed in less than 45 minutes, if you focus. Plus it gives you the time to accomplish other things in your day.
5) Know when to rest! Muscles grow during rest and often people become addicted and begin training 7 days/week, 2 hours/day and start tumbling backwards. STOP and re-examine your routine periodically to prevent burnout.

“Do it for yourself..”

Enjoy your workouts!!


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