six pack abs and fat loss foodsHey Guys, this week I wanted to provide you with a quick reference guide to the best fat loss foods for the ultimate six pack. Knowing what and what not to eat can be the most confusing aspect of any nutrition plan and presented below is a list of the good and not so good foods which have been categorized to help you make better choices when preparing your meals. The 'Top 15' are the best foods for six pack abs to consume on a daily basis and should make up a large portion of your dietary intake. The 'Eat Often' category lists some more great foods that can be consumed throughout the week. The 'Eat Occasionally' foods should not be consumed more than once or twice weekly. Foods in the 'Eat Rarely' category should only be consumed on cheat days. Ok, let's take a look at the lists.


TOP 15


         Beans and Legumes

         Egg Whites

         Fish (All Types) Tuna, Trout, Salmon, Sardines etc.

         Green Vegetables, Spinach, Broccoli etc.

         Low Fat Cottage Cheese / Dry Curd Cottage Cheese

         Instant Oatmeal

         Olive Oil or Flaxseed Oil

         Peanut Butter (Crunchy)

         Raspberries and other berries

         Rice Cakes (Flavored and Un-flavored)

         Turkey / Chicken / Lean Meats

         Wholemeal / Wholegrain Pastas, Rice, Spaghetti

         Wholegrain Cereal

         Whey Protein / Casein Protein Powder







         Brown Rice

         Canola Oil

         Baked Potato

         Citrus Fruit & Juices

         Coffee & Tea (No sugar)

         Green / Herbal Tea



         Lean Game (Ostrich)

         Low Fat Spread



         Melon (All types)


         Peas & Beans


         Pumpkin Seeds

         Pine Nuts

         Sweet Potato

         Sunflower Seeds

         Sweetcorn / Corn on the cob




         Beer (Lite)

         Beef Steak (Fat Cut Off)

         Canadian Bacon

         Graham Crackers



         Luncheon Meat / Deli Ham

         Low Fat Ice Cream


Remember, the importance of nutrition is critical in whether you have great abs or no abs! Diet accounts for 80% in achieving that coveted six pack stomach. Divide your meals into 6 per day ensuring protein is in each and every meal. Typically you need 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight.

With regard to carbohydrates aim for 1g per pound of bodyweight on training days and 0.5g on non-weight training days. This carb rotation has proven to be the most effective method in gaining and preserving muscle whilst cutting for great abs. 


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