Rafe Arlotti
Age 19
Tucson, AZ

My 6 Day Lifting Plan

I started lifting about 4 years ago, during my sophomore year of high school. I had always been a lean kid, very active, I wrestled for a year, ran cross country for a year, but never really any team sports. I have always been motivated by my own performance, by pushing myself to the limit and seeing what I'm capable of. I would imagine this is why I'm so into building the ideal physique, because it is a testament to what can be accomplished if you put your mind to something and stick to it. Ever since that weight training class sophomore year, I've always loved lifting, and this interest turned me on to better nutrition as well!

Right now, I'm in the gym 6 days a week, and my routine is as follows:

Monday: Chest/triceps (rep ranges from 6-12)
Incline dumbbell chest press/incline dumbbell flyes x6
Chest press machine x4
Cable flyes x5
dips x 4 (failure)
rope pushdowns x4
skullcrushers x3
one arm cable pushdowns x3

Tuesday: Back/biceps
Seated row x6
lat pulldown x6
tbar row x6
high row x 4
one arm row x3
EZ bar curl x3
seated dumbbell curl x3
hammer curl x3
standing one arm cable curl x2

Wednesday: Shoulders/abs
smith machine shoulder press x4
side lateral raise x4
cable rear delt extension x4
cable side lateral raise x3
(Ab circuit x3)
Hanging leg raisesx25
incline situps x25 (focus on contraction)
lying leg raises x20
russian twists x50

Thursday: Cardio
45-60 min on treadmill in fat burning zone (130-140BPM)

Friday: Legs/calves
Calf Pressx4
Leg pressx6
standing calf raisex4 (smith machine)
quad machine x4
Calf press x4
glute machinex5

Saturday: Cardio/abs
30 min HIIT session on treadmill, ab circuit from wednesday

Sunday: Rest


I'm sure you've all heard the saying "leave your ego at the door." I am a firm believe in this saying. I am not a powerlifter. I will never be a powerlifter. The weights that I use are not the heaviest in the gym, and I am the first to admit that there are plenty of people stronger than me, and that's okay! When I work out, I focus on the contraction of the muscle, not the weight. Its important to choose a weight that will challenge your body, but if I'm struggling to push out 4 reps and my form is compromised, its just a recipe for injury. Plus, when I work out, I'm not looking at the guy next to me, I'm looking at myself in the mirror. That is the only thing that matters - its an individual sport! I also couldn't live without my music. Music really puts me in the zone. No talking, just focused work. I don't like to hang around the gym, my workouts are, at MOST 90 minutes. I utilize rest breaks no longer than about a minute (except on legs days), so that I'm using my time efficiently.








My Muscle Building Eating Plan - 6-7 Meals a Day

I eat 5-6 meals a day, pretty much the same thing every day. It sometimes gets boring, but hey: you can't argue with results!

Meal 1: 1.5 cups oatmeal w/ one scoop Vanilla Syntha-6 protein, mixed with two egg whites.

Meal 2: protein bar and an apple

Meal 3: canned chicken/tuna/salmon with 1 cup mixed greens, almonds

Meal 4: Pre-workout N.O. Xplode

Meal 5: 2 scoops syntha-6 shake or PurePro 50 shake and a banana

Meal 6: Talapia fillet or chicken breast w/ broccoli or spinach

Meal 7 (Sometimes): one cup cottage cheese

I also drink a gallon of water a day. Its really easy to fill up a 32oz water bottle throughout the day, and MIO water flavoring makes it so easy to drink!

If anyone asks me how I get my results, my diet is the FIRST thing I give them. Diet is soooo much of the equation to a better body. I weigh roughly 155 pounds, so i shoot for 165g protein, 200g carbs, and 50g fats. My fats come mostly from fish oil pills and a handful of almonds.


Syntha-6 Vanilla Protein (couldn't live without itů)
BCAAs on large muscle group days (chest back legs)
Omega-3 fish oil

If I have any tips to give, it would be these:

1.this is about YOU. no one else. compare yourself to you yesterday. Its okay to set goals, but by making "idols", you limit yourself to only what they have achieved, and you have the potential for more.

2. find what works for you. if you don't like your workout, you won't do it, and you won't see results! so experiment!

3. EAT CLEAN. enough said.

4. Don't make excuses about diet or training. I am a college student, so I eat in a food court every single day at my university. There are always healthy options!!! you just have to dig a little bit.

5. Get some motivation! I love watching videos and looking at pictures of other people achieving what they want. It really gets me in the zone!

So, eat clean, lift smart, and you'll see results! there is a ton of science behind all of this, but in the end, it's pretty simple when you think about it.

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Rafe Arlotti






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