abdominal exercisesAbdominal Exercises Alone Will Not Create Six Pack Abs!

We receive emails daily from frustrated visitors to our site in search of a flatter stomach, all asking the same question - I've tried lots of abdominal exercises & workouts but just can't get a six pack, can you help?

The most common example of this is that people focus solely on abdominal exercises in an effort to lose fat around their stomach. This is all to no avail, because it has absolutely no effect on burning fat!

We all have the potential to create a great midsection but until the layer of fat covering the stomach is reduced your abs will remain invisible. So how do you get rid of this layer of fat? In simple terms you need to follow a structured program that incorporates both exercise and nutrition. In fact a correct nutritional program accounts for as much as 80% of your success when trying to achieve a six pack stomach. Even the timing of meals and the amount you consume is absolutely crucial.

If you have a large layer of body fat covering your abdominals, excessive ab exercising is not the solution! It is only once this fat layer has been considerably reduced that it is the time to start incorporating abdominal exercises. Along with our ab workouts and 100 abdominal exercises in our Members Area to choose from we will provide you with a complete week by week program accompanied by a Personalized Nutritional Program designed by our Site Nutritionist and SixPackNow Trainers. All in all achieving a good set of abs is actually not that difficult, it's just knowing how to go about getting them! All is revealed in the Members Area of Sixpacknow.com.

Here are just some of the 100 great abdominal exercises we have in our Members Area. You'll find exercises to work every area of the abdominal wall, including the upper abs, lowers and side obliques. Our exercises are fully photographed and also include streaming videos. You will also have access to ab workouts for all levels and set and rep charts.



Beginner Upper Abdominal Exercises


Butterfly Crunch

Crunch Extended


For increased intensity visit: Levels of Difficulty

Advanced Lower Abdominal Exercises

Pelvic Tilt

Knee Ups

Hip Thrusts



Intermediate Oblique Abdominal Exercises


Broom Twists

Oblique Crunch

Cross Crunch



Kellie's Ab Class Video for Women


View Kellie's Ab Class Video here


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