Max Philisaire
Resides: Deerfield Beach, Florida
Age: 28
Height: 6ft 1" 
Weight: 195 pounds
Favorite Bodypart: Chest
Waist Size: 30"
Body Fat Percentage: 6%


See how Max keeps in such lean shape

To be honest with you I don't work hard too hard to keep my abs, the most important thing that keeps them tight is my very clean and strict diet. I eat very clean because I realize that most of my results come from the right nutrition plan. I have a very small appetite so I make sure I get in the right nutrients before my stomach gets full, by the time I get full there is no room for junk and fun food, lol. My daily diet consists of plenty of protein from chicken, turkey, fish and protein shakes. As for carbs I like to stick with veggies, salad and fruit. Every two-three hours Iíll have a small meal or shake to keep my metabolism active..

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Hereís a typical meal plan:

Breakfast: Cereal with protein shake
Mid morning: Protein shake or Chicken Breast with salad
Lunch: Tuna fish with salad
Mid Afternoon: Low fat cottage cheese with fruit
Evening meal post workout: Protein shake with fish or meat based meal
Late evening: Casein Protein Shake

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I train my abs at least three times a week since i'm modeling now, I am scheduled to take some professional pics for my comp card next month. I love knee raises, they hit the lower abs the best for me. I realize most people have problems with the love handles area, that used to be the least defined section of my ab until I started doing knee raises, I do them alot more than the upper ab exercises. My upper abs take less time to develop than the lower, so this is why I spend a little extra time on the particular area. Roman Chair Crunches are also very effective, I love these and they really hit those lower abs. 

I hope this provide some insight into my training program






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