How Do You Get The Body Of A Male Model?


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Hi, my name is Aric Sudicky and I'm a Fitness Model from Canada. I'm often asked how I stay in photo condition all year round, so I wanted to detail my workout and diet strategies for getting that ripped model physique, but I'm also giving you an insight into my typical daily routine. Don't forget guys this website specializes in designing Custom Plans to help achieve that ripped body. Infact it will actually be a fitness model that designs your plan for you, so be sure to get your plan today

Let's take a look at my Male Fitness Model Workout and Diet.


DIET: A typical school day

Meal 1) 3 egg whites, whole wheat bagel
Meal 2) lean whey protein shake (20g protein)
-weights between meals 2 and 3
Meal 3) post workout whey shake with ˝ cup large flake oats (50g carbs, 50g protein)
Meal 4) grilled chicken breast, 1 cup of steamed broccoli
Meal 5) 8 oz sirloin steak, 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup mixed veggies
Meal 6) Slow releasing casein protein shake (20g)

Any college student who wants to get muscular can benefit from this diet. Egg whites are cheap to buy in bulk, and whey/casein proteins are also very affordable. I cook my meals the night before class and bring them to school. I mix my protein shakes in the morning and drink them during lectures.

Male Model Ab Workout:

To get great abs you MUST treat them like any other muscle group. Stay in the rep range for maximum hypertrophy, 8-12 and reach burnout within this rep range. The best way to accomplish this is by performing various weighted crunches.

Exercise 1: Kneeling Cable Crunches

TIP: your second exercise should be just like this, except pretend there is a line running from each shoulder down to the opposite knee. Twist your torso contracting your obliques during each repetition, pulling your elbow a few inches past your opposite knee. Switch the side you twist to each time, going past each knee once is considered 1 rep.



Exercise 2: Lying hip raises/leg raises

Stay in control and perform the raises nice and slow. Really concentrate on contracting your lower abs for this one. Still staying within the 8-12 rep range.

Your lower abs are the toughest to isolate and grow. Use this exercise on a regular basis. You can also lay on a weight bench instead of the floor. Just make sure you’re pulling into yourself at an elevated angle with your feel up in the air, attached to the cable machine. You’ll be surprised how much weight you can do for this one.

These are the main 3 that I currently do, but you can also try laying on your back, legs fully extended with about a 5lb weight between your feet. Do leg raises keeping your legs fully extended, very slow, long negatives on the way down. I did this one for about 2 months until I started these new cable exercises.

TIP: without a great diet and enough cardio, these growing abs muscles will not look defined. All of these components are what combine to give you a great six pack!  

TIP: While people of all body types can do promotional modeling, the ones with very fit bodies tend to get hired more for various jobs.

Male Model Exercise Program:

- 6 day cycle
- sets of 3-4, reps of 8-12 (to burnout for last set of each exercise)
- Tempo: 1 second fast contraction, slow 3-4 second eccentric phase

Day 1: Chest
Exercise 1) incline press with Smith Machine
Exercise 2) incline dumbbell press
-Last set using a spotter doing 6-7 second negatives
Exercise 3) flat bench dumbbell flys
Exercise 4) incline dumbbell flys
Exercise 5) (2 sets) “high” cable crossovers, putting cables directly from the side of shoulders and crossing them in front of your face (targets upper chest)
Exercise 6) (2 sets) “pec deck” flys to complete burn out, using a spotter.

Finish with abs and cardio.
I am a firm believer that despite great scientific evidence, super-setting 3-4min of cardio with abs works best for cutting fat and adding definition. I treat my abs like a regular muscle group, reps of 8-12 using dumbbells between my feet so I reach burnout within my rep range.

Day 2: Back & Calves
Exercise 1) Seated lat pull-downs (5 sets)
Exercise 2) Seated cable rows
Exercise 3) Standing rows with Olympic bar
Exercise 4) Shrugs with Olympic bar (5-6 sets)
Exercise 5) Standing calve raises using weighted machine with bars over shoulders
Exercise 6) Seated calve raises using machine

Day 3: REST
Optional: cardio and abs super-setting

Day 4: Arms (super-setting bi’s and tri’s)
Exercise 1) Seated dumbbell curls
Exercise 2) Tricep pushdowns
Exercise 3) Seated hammer curls
Exercise 4) one handed tricep pull-downs with palm facing forward
Exercise 5) One handed isolation curls (regular and hammer)
Exercise 6) dips, or skull crushers

Finish with abs and cardio (30min)

Day 5: Legs
Exercise 1) Free weight squats ( 5-6 sets)
Exercise 2) Seated squats using machine
Exercise 3) Lunges
Exercise 4) Stiff legged deadlift
Exercise 5) Hamstring curls

Finish with abs and cardio (30min)

Day 6: REST

Hope this gives you some insight into my diet and training!



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