Guide On How Get a Flat Stomach in 6 Weeks.

You Know Getting a Flat Stomach might just be easier than you think!

In order to maximize results for the abdominal region it takes dedication, determination and very strong discipline. First off, diet is a major factor in removing stubborn ab fat and revealing that Flat Stomach. Let me give you a little insight into what I do to get a nice firm, flat stomach. My diet consists of 6 small meals a day to keep my metabolism high. One thing that is so, so important in keeping me lean is cutting my carbohydrate intake after 3pm. Carbs are only needed for energy and if you eat too many during the day which you're not going to burn off, guess what happens? You add fat!

Here is a sample of my daily diet:

8:00am - 8 egg whites 2 whole eggs and 4 oz of lean turkey or chicken breast and oatmeal 10:00am - Myoplex protein shake
12:00pm - steamed vegetables, 6oz. chicken, turkey or a can of tuna
2:00pm -  2 rice cakes with peanut butter and sugar free jam, protein shake
4:00pm - pre workout shake or can of tuna
6:00pm - lean steak or chicken with vegetables




Diet & Workout for a Flat Stomach...

People may say that’s alot of food, but its not because you get full more often than binge eating 3 meals a day. You get more satisfaction out of the 6 more frequent meals, which also helps to elevate your metabolism, this is turn burns fat. You should also allow yourself a cheat day which should be a Saturday or Sunday to eat what you were craving during the week, but don’t over do it!

During the off season I tend to bulk up so I do less cardio and more abdominal exercises but with weighted reps to strengthen and bulk up my abdominal region. CARDIO is a must if you want a flatter stomach. 20 minutes of regular cardio wont cut it,  you need to maximize it up to 30-45 minutes or introduce a HIIT program when the body uses fat storage as a fuel and do this at least 4 times a week to. A sample cardio and abdominal workout that I use is:

*Doing sprints is the best workout for a core exercises because of the use of power from the abdominal region and also gets the body cut up, look at olympic sprinters and long distance runners, olympic sprinters have muscle mass and crazy abs, while long distance runners are skinny and have flat stomachs.

Sunday: 45 minutes run which is about 6 miles and the Abs which consists of: v-ups 3 sets of 8, bicycle crunches- 3 sets of 50, hanging leg raises- 4 sets of 15, decline sit ups- 4 sets of 50

Tuesday: 100 yard sprints 5 times, 50 yard sprints 5 times, 1/4 mile sprints under 90 seconds 5 times, strictly obliques such as twists, side bends and lateral crunches

Thursday: 45 minutes run, bicycle crunches- 3 sets of 50, hanging leg raises- 4 sets of 15, decline sit ups- 4 sets of 50, leg lifts- 25 reps 3 times.

Saturday: cardio can be done rollerblading, bicycling or even the elliptical machines in the gym. For abdominals pick and choose your favorite exercises and target the abs until failure.



You can do abs everyday until you turn red, but without the proper diet and cardio program you will never get rid of stomach fat and flatten your abs. The best time to do cardio is on a empty stomach in the morning when your testosterone levels are high and you have the most energy. Abs don't cost money so you don't need to go out and buy these gimmicks on TV that are sold at 3 in the morning. It is all about hard work and dedication!

Train Hard,


Peter Trainer





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