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First I must say you have great abs. You look awesome. I'm from Australia and I just joined the program a few days ago and I'm quite happy with the Sixpacknow Program. I've been doing cardio and lots of sit ups just to lose weight. At this stage I've lost 40lbs. And thatís enough. It is time to give a good shape to my abs like yours. I've just received my workout and diet plan and I'm following it. My question is, I'm 34 years old and I drink coffee 4-5 times a day.  Should I cut it down and also in my hot drinks I use sweetener (0.89g sugar - 3.6 cal in one tea spoon ) is that ok to have that much sugar in one day. Thanks for your help...Murat

Good for you bro....I love to hear success stories like this where folks have lost a good amount of weight, and are dedicated to reaching their goals.  So, now its time to tighten up and see that six pack, right?  I would suggest working your abs at least twice per week, once using resistance training, the other with higher reps. 
ie. resistance training for abs would incorporate using weights or resistance on a machine to actually build the ab muscles.  They too are just like the other muscles that we work out...chest, biceps, legs, etc... without building them it will just be a flat wall. 
ie. higher rep training for abs is more less doing as many reps as you can without any resistance.  This should help out with burning off any extra calories and aiding in the burning off of excess fat from around the midsection. 
I would just follow your workout program as outlined, since its more less the same principle. 
The coffee most likely wouldn't be a factor since the caffeine actually will help out with raising your metabolism slightly...but if you can, try and avoid using any sweeteners...try and use skim milk or something.  Although the sweetener is not a factor much with such a low amount of sugar....its the other artificial stuff that's not that good for you. 

A regular sized cup of coffee contains approximately 100 mg of caffeine (which will vary with bean type, length of brewing, etc), so caution is advised when taking doses of caffeine that are much higher than this.

Best of luck to you, and keep me posted on your results.


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