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Matthew, San Jose

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Sadie, Evanston

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Name: Andrea Dumon

Age: 32
Phoenix, AZ
Height: 5’2
Weight: 110 Off Season,

105 at competition

Favorite Bodypart: Abs,

Shoulders and Glutes

Occupation: Fitness Pro.


What do you believe are the most important aspects in achieving great abs?
Diet, diet, diet!! Nutrition is the most important element in trying to get that six pack!! Sure, it takes cardio and strength training and you can have the most amazing abs but if your diet is not dialled in then no one will see them because that layer of fat will continue to hide them!!. It takes a clean diet, effective exercise program, and strong commitment to yourself to achieve great abs!!

What advice would you give to other women looking to change their body?
That you CAN do it, no matter what you think may hold you down. A lot of women start and exercise program, but then drop it within weeks and never start back, then it’s all the excuses of why it didn’t work (don't worry ladies, men are guilty as well!!). As a trainer I hear so many different reasons as to why: age, job conflicts, kids, injuries, yada, yada, yada....!! I tell them that their body is their business and would they cheat their own business?? I hope not!! You have to believe in yourself and your ability, DO NOT compare yourself to anybody else, and carve out the time for the most important and life changing commitment you can possibly do for yourself!! Hire a trainer or the services of, read and inform yourself, walk around the block, play with the kids in the park!! I don't care how you start, just start and be comfortable with yourself because the only thing that can happen is becoming a better, fitter, and an improved person!!

How often do you train your abs?  
First off, I always use my abs in all the exercises I do by engaging my core and keeping my abs tight whilst exercising. I specifically train my abs about twice a week.


p_andrea1.jpg (20954 bytes)   p_andrea2.jpg (61469 bytes)   p_andrea3.jpg (68993 bytes)   p_andrea4.jpg (66168 bytes)   p_andrea5.jpg (66984 bytes)

What are your favorite exercises?
I love any type of ab work on the ball, you can be very creative with the ball because it is an unstable surface and activates not only the abs, but the lower back and core muscles as well. I also love hanging abs, decline crunches, and rope crunches.

What kind of weight training program do you follow and how often do you visit the gym?
I follow a split routine where I train one or two muscle groups every day. I tend to life moderately heavy on my upper body and lighter with more of a circuit style workout on my lower half. Since I work at a gym I practically live there, but I do work out 6 days a week. I do cardio 6 days a week and lift weights about 5 days a week. I also love to get outdoors and either head to the track for sprints or hit the trails for hiking/running!

What type of cardio exercise do you do and how important is it in your program?
I do cardio 5-6 days a week. I typically do for 40-60 minutes and mix it up between machines so I never hit a plateau or get bored. I also go to the track once or twice a week for sprints, stadium stairs, and plyometric work. This shakes up my program and keeps my legs strong and toned. Cardio is just as important as any other element in fitness, it helps keep the heart and lungs healthy as well as keeps the body fat down!! I always tell my clients not think of cardio as the way to look better but as the way to FEEL better! Once your heart and lungs are healthy, you will feel so much more energy and of course the aesthetics will follow!!

What does your typical days diet look like?

Since I compete I do have an ‘off season’ and an ‘on season’ but my typical diet doesn't vary too much. Here is an example of my off season diet:
1. 3 Eggwhites, 1/4 c oats, 1 tsp. natty PB
2. Protein shake
3. 4 oz fish, med. salad, 4 oz sweet potato
4. 2 rice cakes w/ 1 tbsp natty PB
5. 6 oz chicken, large salad
6. Protein shake (if still hungry)
I allow a cheat meal on the weekends, it keeps the cravings down and keeps the body guessing!!

What would be your top five tips for getting a flatter stomach?
1. Eat right!! Keep your diet clean of sugar, excessive alcohol (a drink a day is considered relatively healthy but anything after that is not a good idea), and unhealthy fats!!
2. Work your Core muscles!! If you do not know how to do this either work with a trainer or find some literature on this to show you how to do this. Your core is your foundation for strong and beautiful abs!!
4. Train your abs every other day and not every day, they are a muscle group just like the rest of your body, they need recovery time as well!
5. Believe in yourself and stay COMMITTED!! It is all to easy to stop and fall off the wagon. If a person can stay strong, committed, and motivated, the results are endless and life changes in so many other ways because you build a stronger character and will be surprised at how you can persevere over anything!!

I wish you all the best on the road to physical health.


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