Two Great 6 Pack & Muscle Building Bonuses worth $39.99 when you Join!

SixPackNow Abs Workout DVD

ABS....Everybody wants them! Not only do they look sexy, Abs are considered the benchmark of superior fitness! A great set of abs not only make heads turn, but having a stronger, leaner stomach can increase and enhance physical appearance, attract the opposite sex, instil self confidence, increase energy, help you sleep better, beat back pain and keep you looking young, fit and healthy! If you want to lose stubborn fat, increase lean muscle tone and carve out a sexy set of six pack abs, this is the DVD thatís going to show you how to do it.

Introducing The SixPackNow Program Abs Workout DVD Ė Your complete Training & Nutrition System to get those all important six pack abs! And itís for both men and women.

Following the massive success of the SixPackNow Program, we've decided to put the entire program onto DVD. This DVD combines all the key principles for getting that elusive six pack stomach, from proper training techniques to diet and nutrition, ab workouts to suit all levels of ability (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and an additional 50 exercises to custom build your own workouts!

This 80 minute DVD includes:

  • Training Principles
  • Success Principles
  • Diet, Nutrition & Supplementation - The 'Lean for Life' System
  • Exercise Ė Cardio & Weight Training
  • The Workouts: Upper, Lower and Oblique Workouts
  • 50 extra exercises so that you can add variety to your workouts.

* This is the online version of the DVD - No Physical Product is shipped


The 'ABS for LIFE' Manual

The newly released ABS for Life Manual is your complete body makeover manual to lose that unwanted fat and uncover those abs you never knew you had. And guess what? It's yours when you Join! (Value $17.95)

No stone is left unturned with the ABS for Life Manual, it features extensive information on abdominal development, fat loss, muscle building and much more to help get you in the shape of your life. It is without doubt the most comprehensive Abdominal and Fat Loss Manual to date!

Put aside the conflicting information youíve read or seen in fitness magazines, dvd's or books and get ready to be given the real, proven fundamentals in achieving great abs and a great body!

Authored by Neil Frost, the very founder of Neil has personally mentored many clients from the world of Film, Television, Sport and Music and has now put together the very nutritional principles, fat burning strategies and muscle building components from the SixPackNow System to produce this 260 page Manual. There are dedicated chapters on Diet & Nutrition, Supplementation, Motivation, Rest & Recovery, Fat Burning Cardio, Upper, Lower and Oblique Ab Workouts and also a Week by Week Full Body Strength Training Program and much, much more! It's all covered!

"Abs, otherwise known as a "six-pack"..everybody wants them, but few know how to go after that coveted look. The Abs for Life Manual will not only get a beginner on the right track, but help refresh the mind of a veteran fitness enthusiast. From the exercises and the diet techniques, this Program will become a valuable learning tool to obtaining that "six-pack" look. These techniques are not the latest fad. The Abs for Life Manual will teach you what will soon become a lifestyle change.."Debra PattonIFBB Professional, NPC Best Abs Winner

The Abs for Life Manual will motivate you every step of the way. You will never be left wondering what to do next or where to turn for advice in the future. This Manual will answer all your questions! You have everything you need to lose fat, increase muscle and sculpt the abs of your dreams.




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